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Payroll Services

Payroll Services

To know why you should outsource your payroll, click here.

Payroll administration would need, as its underlying platform, well tested and comprehensive Human Resources software, supported by a strong track-record across multiple industries and over many years of processing.

In an Outsourced payroll environment, the Client’s involvement in the above would just be a fraction of what it used to be. The outsourcer is focused on service delivery and uses People, Process and Technology to deliver timely and accurate services to their clients.

At Zealous Asia Pacific, we define Payroll as a series of systematic processes with timelines and clear deliverables:

1. Monthly Submissions of HR-Payroll Movements 

blue04_next.gif Client prepares monthly HR and Payroll movements data in pre-agreed templates and emails to Zealous Asia Pacific for processing by submission deadline.  

blue04_next.gif Client uses whatever other contractually agreed methods to communicate the same or other related information to Zealous Asia Pacific. 


2. Processing and Verification

blue04_next.gif Movements are checked for most obvious errors and updated electronically or manually as the process allows, to the back-end payroll engine. 

blue04_next.gif Monthly submissions are processed using pre-tested configurations and instructions.
blue04_next.gif Verification reports are sent to Client for approval.

3. Report Generation incl. preparation of Regulatory Submissions & Payslips

blue04_next.gif Final reports are generated in pre-agreed formats and emailed to client.  

blue04_next.gif Printed or e-Payslips are sent to Client for distribution to employees. 

blue04_next.gif All defined Malaysian Regulatory reports are printed and submitted with payments from client by Zealous Asia Pacific within their stipulated timelines.

4. Payment of Salaries and other Arrears

blue04_next.gif Zealous Asia Pacific prepares a Bank Sign-off file for HR/Finance to process and release all payments.
blue04_next.gif Zealous Asia Pacific’s salary payment services are offered on an optional basis;

5. General Ledger (GL) Reporting to Finance

blue04_next.gif GL reports are prepared by Zealous Asia Pacific in agreed formats or
blue04_next.gif An automated GL interface file is generated every month for Finance to upload to their Accounting system (optional service where customization is required)